About the unfortunate event

On Sunday morning, Kaisa was attacked by an unknown person for an unknown reason and she was seriously injured. However, with the help of the Emergency Response Team, Kaisa received urgent help and was taken to the Lapland Central Hospital for treatment.

Kaisa has recovered well from the situation and left the intensive care unit where she had been under observation for about a day. She has received very good, friendly and considerate care and service all the time, starting with the first response. We would also like express our thanks to all the people who work hard every day to provide helpĀ on such unfortunate incidents.

Although this is a really serious matter, and this time the lottery win came in the form of survival, she still wants to remind you that there are many, many more good things to do in life and to focus on, even if they are not always in the news.

At this stage, we have nothing to add about the incident. To the extent that such matters are customary, inquiries can be made to the Lapland Police in Finland.

Take care of each other!

On behalf for Kaisa,
MarkusĀ Sali