2019 12th October

Wrapping up my professional career with a sixth place at IM World Champs.

2019 1st February

David Tilbury-Davis as my mentor. After previous season I had taken the responsibility of my own coaching.

2018 13th October

The hardest race of my life. Battled to seventh place at IM World Champs with osteopenia in my shinbone and very tired body after racing five IM triathlons within a year.

2017 1st December

Moving to Italy and wine region. Starting the new season with more enthusiasm than ever before after a fifth at IM World Champs and win at IM Arizona.

2017 27th May

Me and Markus got married. My last name changed from Lehtonen to Sali.

2016 1st December

Siri Lindley as my coach.

2016 8th October

First time in Kona. Amazing adventure and fifth place in the World Championships.

2016 3rd April

I did win the Ironman African Championships and my dream of racing in Hawaii became reality.

2016 1st January

I got picked to Team Sport for GOOD. Teammates did push me to the next level as an athlete. Even more important is that through the charity work I am able to give some good back to the world.

2015 31st May

I met my loved one and he encouraged me to follow my childhood dream. In my first ironman distance race I did one of the fastest debyts ever (8h 48min).

2013 1st June

I graduated from university as a Master of Human Nutrition.

2011 1st January

In 2011 and 2012 I did race a huge amount of olympic distance races. The biggest block was in 2012 when I did 8 races during 10 weeks, in 4 different continents. I was - again - the first one in European ranking to drop out from the Olympics.

2009 2nd September

My right knee twisted. After a big surgery it was not sure If I could run anymore. It was a huge Sisu challenge to overcome this injury but it also made me to celebrate and be grateful of every step I can run.

2008 1st June

In European ranking I was the first one to drop out from Beijing Olympics.

2003 1st January

At the end of 2002 I got injured and the viscous circle of different injuries lasted for about 5 years.

2002 1st July

Sixth place in U23 Europeans (still only 20 years old). Started to study nutrition at University of Helsinki.

2001 2nd June

I graduated from the Mäkelänrinne Sports Highschool.

2000 17th September

Triathlon was in the Olympics for the first time in Sydney Games (swim 1,5 km - bike 40 km - run 10 km). I will be an olympic athlete!

1998 1st July

I won the Nordic Championships in U19. Paul Sjöholm started to coach me.

1997 1st July

My first triathlon race. It was a big surprise to win it.

1993 1st July

I did the longest discipline of triathlon, 180 km of biking, on my little pink mountain bike. The passion ignited into my heart.

1981 14th August

I was born.

1981 1st April

International Triathlon Union (ITU) was founded.

1978 18th February

First ironman distance race, swim 3,8 km - bike 180 km - run 42 km.

1974 25th September

First modern triathlon. Misson Bay, San Diego.

1920 1st June

In France there was held sport races combining three different sports. These races were named as "Les trois sports", "La Course des Débrouillards" and/or "La course des Touche à Tout".