Happy and joyful athlete anticipating the big dance!

We took all the comments I have written to the post-activity comment -field since November 2016. This is a free text field where I write some analysis, observations and my feelings about each of the workouts. My coach then gives me feedback about the execution of the workout, but also about my observations and feelings. We use here our own “language”, so for example a sentence ““Running ok 🙂 not flying but good running :)” might tell a bit more to my coach than to many external observer.

FRI 8 September, 2017
The set above + 15 min IM as I still felt so fresh after all the pre scheduled sets 🙂 Easy parts about 3 mins as the 5 was too long. The 10 min was only 9 as I counted it wrong so after that there was 40 s easy and then 1 min HARD uphill.
Running ok 🙂 not flying but good running 🙂 especially the first 20 and 15 mins felt like super duper easy altough the pace was like 3.55 and 3.50. Also the 10 mins ok, I did it at about 10-15 km effort level so still fun but a bit pushing also. And the last IM too felt like I could have kept going for another 25k so surprisingly fresh body 🙂
A little stiffness in the back after the bike but after a few mins ok.
Same with the Nerve Thing. No other stiffnesses 🙂

Since I use a lot of smileys, we replaced smileys 🙂 and 🙂 with word happy and smileys 🙂 and 🙁 with word sad.  After this the extracted comments were tidied; punctuations, numbers, symbols etc. and so called stopwords i.e. words such as articles (a, an, the), conjunctions (and, or but, …), common verbs (is) and qualifiers (yet, however, …) were all removed.

Then some analysis and as output we got two different graphs; a WordCloud and Sentiment BarPlot.


The most frequent terms appearing in all the comments; the bigger the font face the more frequent the term is. Same colors are within the same range of frequency.

Sentiment BarPlot

The plot shows the frequencies of the the emotions within the comments when words are associated with eight basic emotions; anger, fear, anticipation, trust, surprise, sadness, joy, and disgust.

So it seem, that there is “one happy and joyful athlete anticipating the big dance!”.

If I would let my mind wonder free would go through individual sessions and think could I have done something better. Did I push hard enough in that workout? Should I have done this instead of that? On the other hand I would think the bigger picture; did we start tapering too early? Should I be more tired at this stage? Have we done enough of certain type of training? Self reflection and emotional roller coaster that evidently follows from this.

Bu during these 14 days this is not the best approach, not at least to me. The work has been done. Since I always try my best, every single day, now I can trust that any given day during this journey I have done thing exactly as I was meant. I can trust myself an my coach, that we have done the right choices – for me.

I am happily anticipating what is about to come, but I can influence only by focusing to the moment. I am here, since I have done the right choice and I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

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